November 12, 2008

Two Healthy Weeks... What a Tease.

So as most people who have been keeping in touch with me know, I spent the first month and a half sick from all kinds of ailments. It was one after another and I didn't know if I was going to see an end to it. Mid-October, I finally started to recover without developing the next thing, just in time to settle into classes and prepare for midterms.

As a result of the healthiness, I managed to get out and about more and that's when I started checking out Shanghai restaurants and tried to familiarize myself with the city a little. After 6 weeks, I felt like I hardly knew anything about the places I was living in. That began to change.

Unfortunately, my lucky streak came to an end right when midterms hit... horrible timing. I developed another skin infection, the 2nd of its kind since I've been in Shanghai, this time in a different area. I went to a different hospital, much further away East of the river, and much more expensive. But the doctors were so much more professional and knowledgeable, the money didn't seem to matter. They had to cut the infection open and drain it. I was prescribed antibiotics, which I turned out to be allergic to, so I was given a different one that is working beautifully. The procedure happened last Thursday. It's currently Wednesday morning and the wound no longer hurts and has pretty much closed up from what I can tell.

Hopefully I won't have anymore problems because if I continue to be sick, this one-year journey of mine may very well be cut short.

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