November 12, 2008

Quantum of Solace

So probably blocks over 90% of the hit movies that come out in the United States. I'm talking strictly about the blockbusters-- it's damn near 100% if you want to include Indies, which actually seem to be gaining popularity in recent years.

Anyways, the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace was released in China a week ago. The only Hollywood film that I will probably see this semester and I got to see it before the US. I have no idea why the rest of the world is seeing it before the US, but I don't really care. That, and the fact that it played in HD were bonuses. I'm just thankful it came out in China at all.

For those of you who plan on seeing it, watch Casino Royale first. I was thoroughly confused until midway through the movie because Quatum of Solace is a direct continuation. The first scene literally picks up maybe 30 minutes after the last film ended. Overall I was entertained, although I am pretty sure scenes were cut out of the Chinese version. Whatever, Daniel Craig is sexy-- just in the general James Bond sense, way better than Pierce Brosnan. I'm kind of liking the deeper darker character that Daniel Craig portrays. I think it was a much needed change to the whole James Bond series.

As a supplement... Here are my observations on Chinese Movie Theaters:
- Assigned seating, like in Korea
- Flat soda and no ice-- maybe that was just were I went
- Tickets are priced differently for EVERY SHOWING TIME. (My 10pm movie was 10RMB cheaper than the 10'20pm showing... weird.)
- They show one or two movies all day and night in a theater/cineplex. You don't have 10 different options to see a movie like in the US.

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sahary said...

different times of the same movie were different in korea too O.o i couldnt quite figure out when it would be 8,000won and when it would be like 6,000won haha altho i could jus be an idiot