October 19, 2008

Random Thoughts/Observations

- I am getting pwned by the Chinese language
- If the person who invented this writing system was alive today, I'd kill him
- It's amazing that SO MANY FRIGGEN PEOPLE actually agreed that characters was a good idea
- I don't like my speaking teacher-- she's a ho fosho
- The Chinese are the worst drivers in the world
- I've had more near-death experiences than there are people in this country-- all in a taxi
- It's no wonder taxi drivers cage themselves in here-- I've wanted to kill my driver many times
- I'm living in the biggest room I've ever lived in in a country where space is very limited
- My room was designed for 4 regular Chinese students to live in
- The dorms here are nicer than CP
- I've been here for a month and a half and I still don't know many people
- I'm scared (really, scared) of hole-in-the-ground toilets and avoid them at all costs
- Green Milk Tea is amazing and I'm addicted
- I'm also addicted to Shou Zhua Bing
- I love IKEA-- even in China
- I miss football, the American kind
- The only NBA games I will get to watch this season are Rockets games
- I miss my friends/family
- My room smells like Bubbleyum
- I wish I wasn't allergic to soy milk
- I'm scared of melamine
- I want a slice of super moist chocolate cake
- I want faster internet
- The mall here is the shit, but I am broke like I've never been before.. SAD =(
- I have no fall/winter clothes
- My flashcards are the shit.

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