October 30, 2008

Food Blogging

Anyone who knows me, knows that food is a passion of mine. I can watch endless hours of the Food Network, I love experimenting in the kitchen, and there is nothing I enjoy more than the full experience of a good meal, in a restaurant or in the comfort of my own home. I have an appreciation for all kinds of foods and beverages of different cultures and countries and it's a topic that I am always eager to learn more about. Loving food should not be confused with loving to eat. I will never stop at McD's and stuff myself on two quarter pounders with cheese, a Big Mac, large fries and soda. And I don't snack on chips and packaged cookies often if at all. I don't eat for the sake of eating (as long as I can help it). I've like smoke salmon and sushi since I could eat solid food and I used to go to war with my brother if he suggested Taco Bell for lunch. But then again that's not to say that I don't occasionally enjoy splurging in junk food either. But I'd rather have a burger I made at home than one I bought from the King.

Anyways, where is all this going? Well, now that my health is back, I have begun to go on little eating excursions, checking out different restaurants in Shanghai. So Food Blogging is soon to become a significant part of this site. For those who like food and checking out new restaurants-- and by that I mean everything from fine dining, cafes, bistros, casual, and even hole-in-the-wall, because there is nothing better than a GREAT hole-in-the-wall if you can find one.

Today I'm going to a restaurant called Enoteca in the French Concession, so I'll be posting about that soon!

I also have a lot more updates because I'm a little behind right now. This is a 4 day weekend for me because I chose not to take one of the school-organized trips, so I will pretty much be studying for midterms (which are next week) and getting this blog up to date!

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